Corporate Culture and Gaining Trust (EN)


Interview with Hélène Vletter-van Dort. She is professor in Financial Law and Corporate Governance at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Netherlands. She is member of Supervisory Boards of financial services company NN (formerly known as Nationale Nederlanden) and The Dutch Public Broadcasting Organization NPO as well as Chair of the Supervisory Board of Intertrust NV. She speaks about commitment and culture and is inspired by Ben Horowitz’ book: “What You Do is Who Your Are”. At the center of here work is the importance of corporate culture and the relationship with corporate values. Culture is not what is on a corporate website but what really lives in a company. She talks about UBER, a company that went through a thorough self-reflection on its corporate culture and her experience with a hospital where she was overseeing the board.

Like to read what was said during the interview? The transcript can be found here on this website.

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Hélène Vletter - van Dort

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